Surviving the Death of the Dollar

The end of civilization as we know it


Why are Preppers Preparing for the end of the World? Millions of people are silently preparing for doomsday. Besides turning their stores and spare rooms into long-term food pantries, keeping heirloom seeds and taking self-defense courses, they are installing alternative sources of energy and stockpiling just about anything they think may come in handy in case a massive cataclysm strikes.

Commonly dubbed preppers, this group of people live prepared for almost any sort of apocalyptic scenario or any event that might disrupt the current setup of the economy, currency and everything related to it.

Some of the world’s past occurrences and trends serve as solid proof that the world is bound to change. Even when your area of residence is free from earthquakes or any catastrophic weather event, you might lose your job and, like anybody else, want to minimize the effects. Risks abound. And rather than hang around and wait to be caught off guard, it makes more sense to stay prepared.

Prepping is better thought as insurance. Our conventional way of thinking still sees sense in protecting some of the things we own from unpredictable risks. We buy insurance for our home, automobile, liability and health, just to ensure you don’t lose everything in case of any risk.

This makes prepping more of insurance, save for the fact that you direct the premiums to yourself instead of an insurance company.

Again, nothing goes to waste in case shit doesn’t hit the fan. You can rotate everything around and eat the food you have in your pantry or sell some of the items you’ve been stockpiling.

A good chunk of preppers do it silently. But one thing we all agree upon is that the prepping community has been tremendously growing. As we speak, an estimated four millions Americans are avowed preppers, with the number expected to double or even triple in the next few years. Reason being, the apocalyptic pointers are becoming more salient with every sunset. And since everyone would want to survive and keep the effects brought about to the minimal, prepping is an option only the ignoramus would take no notice of.

Contrary to what naysayers think, preppers don’t spend their lives worrying about the future. They look into the world deeply and see many things that are likely to go awry. And instead of playing optimistic, resort to taking necessary precautions where necessary rather than sit around and wait to act on impromptu as with the rest of the people we share the world with.

Currency Devaluation

One thing the whole world needs to be concerned with is surviving the death of the dollar. Not long ago an estimated three trillion dollars was vaporized by what would eventually come to be known as the great recession. This, coupled with the fact that the government keeps manipulating its currency to devalue the dollar and reduce the value of its debts, means the dollar is some day bound to come to its demise.

The probability of there being an economic crunch is not a matter of ‘IF,’ but WHEN. We have over-leveraged everything, such that one wrong turn in the stock market would bring the entire nation to its knees. Preppers are taking necessary precautions to survive the death of the dollar and keep the effects at bay when the time finally comes.

Also worth mentioning is the power grid vulnerability to Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), power grid cyber attack and Carrington-event’s solar flare. In case any of this happens, be sure there will be nothing less than total societal collapse.

Even more dreadful is when the bubbling unrest of the people fed up with the government and its constitution escalates to civil unrest, bringing the martial law in full effect.

It goes without mentioning World War III or the odds of a nuclear meltdown and exchanges. There are reasons aplenty as to why everyone should be prepping. But hopefully, what we have enlisted is enough to wrap your head around some of the risks that are likely to bring the world tumbling down.

As with most preppers, look at the ‘what if scenarios.’ Some scenarios are fairly possible, some farfetched. But should they occur, what haven will you have if you didn’t care enough to create one?

One scenario that terrifies preppers even more is the global financial turmoil, or should I say, economic collapse. The crash may be controlled. But then again, the life we have today would have changed for the worse. So it makes more sense to prep than stay unprepared for a future that for sure won’t be changing for the better.